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GOEBEL - Klimt: Fulfilment Demitasse

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Categorii: Porțelan , Cadouri deosebite
Producător: Goebel Porzellan Goebel Porzellan
Model: 66515701
Material: portelan
Disponibilitate: În Stoc
Preț (TVA inclus): 125 Lei
fară TVA: 125 Lei
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Artis Orbis  Painting Masterpieces on Porcelain and Glass - Classical pieces from famous artists in new forms and dimensions.

Artis Orbis presents artworks of world-famous artists as collector's or decorative editions. Complex production processes and high quality handicraft make it possible to combine elegance and style. The exclusive, partially limited, collection from Artis Orbis makes it possible to re-experience great art. Refine your personal atmosphere with masterpieces of art history. Noble materials, the highest quality, and complete handcrafting are the hallmarks of the Artis Orbis collection.

Gustav Klimt

During the golden age of Art Nouveau, the opulent works of this artist's "Golden Period", reveal shapes and ornamentation blending together to form uniquely sensuous compositions. Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918), co-founder of the "Vienna Secession" school, brings together the different strands of the international Art Nouveau movement in his magnificent paintings and is, in fact, considered to be its most important exponent. Indeed, his best-known painting "The Kiss" is universally recognized as the ultimate "allegory of love".

Tree of Life       

"The Tree of Life" represents the eternity of the sun and allegories the themes life, death and reincarnation. The artworks "The Expectation" and "The Fulfillment" interpret a part of it. The design with real gold leaves impresses with its precision and luminosity.


Fulfilment - Demitasse 
Demitasse, 6.0 cm / 0.09 l, with saucer 
Motif: "Fulfilment" 
Recommended to clean by hand with a mild cleanser to preserve the brilliant colours and gold decor. 
L/W/H in cm:  12.00 / 12.00 / 6.00 

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