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ERCOLANO - Lena Liu: "Double Hibiscus with Ruby Throat" Music Box

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Categorii: Cutii muzicale , Obiecte de colecție , Cadouri deosebite
Producător: Ercolano Ercolano
Model: MBEG15GR
Material: LEMN
Disponibilitate: Stoc Epuizat
Preț (TVA inclus): 495 Lei
fară TVA: 495 Lei
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These boxes have been created by hand, piece by piece. A true work of Art not only because of the precious woods used in making them, but also for the exquisite creativity of design and originality of their composition.

The Art of inlay (Marquetry) dates from the 15th century and originated in Sorrento, Italy, a beautiful town located in the bay of Naples. The technique has remained unchainged over the centuries. Marquetry, or in Italian "Intarsia" is created by layering various sheets of wood (veneer), of different colors, fastened one on top of the other. Elm, white poplar, briar, rosewood are some of the exotic woods used.


In each box is mounted a precision musical movement made in Switzerland. A timeless heirloom that will be treasured forever has been created with the brand name ERCOLANO.

Ercolano music boxes are decorated with beautiful reproductions of paintings from some of today's premier artists as well as masterpieces of the past.


Lena Liu is an artist of unparalleled popularity in today's collectibles market - art lovers around the world enjoy the universal yet personal character of her paintings. Beautiful birds, tranquil landscapes, and breathtaking floral and musical still lifes are among her collectors' favorites.

In describing her work Lena explains: "I strive to create a sense of romance, poetry and music in my painting. Emotion, love and nature will never change, and I try to capture that in my art. I let what touches my heart pass through my fingers. I hope you and I can keep sharing this love of nature's beauty, and continue to delight in the splendor of the world that surrounds us."


MBEG715GR "Double Hibiscus with Ruby Throat" Music Box


15 x 11 x 7 cm.

Handmade in Sorrento Italy. Certificate included.

Wood, velvet, brass accessories

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